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Friday, 25 October 2013

back home finally :)

And now we are finally home! Back in Berowra, after spending some weeks up the coast ... umm on the beach (it's a hard life!) until our tennants moved out.

The fire rating has finally dropped after some worrisome days as the temperatures rose and the winds picked up. Not a good combination considering the absolute lack of rain over the last 6 months. Our lawn is now more yellow than green :( 

But our thoughts are with those who lost their homes (>200) and their lives (2).

 And today we celebrated our anniversary ...

10 years ago :)
The Fish Cafe at Berowra Waters

Seafood platter mmm...

Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekend Kronenburg, Germany

What a fantastic weekend together with friends from our old stomping ground in Tilburg. 

A load of fun had by all ... mountain biking, bush running, fun in the forest, swimming, drinks with the local fire brigade ... and that with 10 kids and a dog, the more the merrier.

Eiffelpark Kronenburger
blue sky, yeah!!

2 vroege vogels :)

boerenkool mmmm..

our pyromaniacs, Kai and Raf

Arno, Frank, Werner en Michiel

Left: the new pride of the local fire brigade! 

Raf on the old timer


                                                          THE CREW!!

In no particular order, we are all in there somewhere ... Michiel, Sarah, Sygrit, Frank, Silke, Rosie, Evie, Arno, Yvonne, Francé, Raf, Fynn, Kai, Karolien, Sam, Merijn, Werner and Lieuwe but where is Laika?!

... and then the wind changed

Toedelidoki from us! Het was weer erg gezellig :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

friends and family ...

A long awaited get together with the crew of VC Brand, Maasbree. 

Great weather and perfect company for a catch up over a few drinks just over the border at Haus Galgenvenn in Nettetal, Germany followed by a walk with the kids and dogs.

From here we spent the next few days tying up a few loose ends. This involved driving all over the countryside from Maasbree to Amsterdam to Usselo and back to Maasbree.

In Amsterdam we dropped back all the stuff we borrowed for inside the camper for our trip (kitchenware etc). We had managed to break 50 euros worth of gear :( but a great deal when compared to if we had have to purchase the lot.


In Usselo we visited 'omi', the kids great grandma, on her farm.

The kids were suitably impressed when Omi took off on the mower!

Thanks Erik and Petra for putting us up for the night again at late notice! Was fun as always :)

Inbetween all this we have been busy selling stuff and emptying, cleaning (thanks Max at Maximum Car Cleaning!) and advertising our fantastic camper which served us extremely well during our time on the road. It seems this has all now paid off as it has been
Happy days!